"Silver Mouillette

Ca l’Antiga Culture Hub


  • Competition aimed at professional perfumers from any country wanting to promote their creative skills.
  • The competition will be held annually as part of the event in Teià entitled “Maridatge dels Sentits” (Pairing of the Senses).
  • All perfumers may submit their perfumes to the competition provided that these include the essence or olfactory note selected for each specific edition. This note will vary from year to year and coincide with the flower, plant or olfactory note chosen as one of the main themes of the Pairing of the Senses event.
  • The jury will comprise a group of experts and creators representing the world of design, aromas, culture and gastronomy. The jury president will be a renowned perfumer.


  • For this second edition, the competition participants must submit a perfume containing the note of jasmine, a flower that will feature in the third Pairing of the Senses edition alongside other white flowers.
  • There will be two Silver Mouillette prizes: Jury Prize and Audience Prize.
  • The registration period is between November 15th of 2018 and April 14th 2019.
  • • Competition participants must register at the email address by providing their following details: full name, company name or ., city and nationality, mobile number and email address, brief profile description and alias with which you want to compete.


  • You must send 3 samples of the composition in a 100 ml standard laboratory topaz flask.
  • Identify each sample as:
    • Second Teià International Perfumery Competition
    • Name of composition
    • Name (alias) of competition participant
  • Deadline for sending samples: Monday april 22th 2019
  • Address for sending samples:
    • Recipient: Ainea Perfums
    • Address: Torrent de les Monges 30, 08329 Teià, Barcelona
    • Telephone: <span class="notranslate">+34 935402464</span>
    • Comments: Teià International Perfumery Competition
  • You do not need to send any type of explanation, ingredient description or composition price.
  • The jury will assess the following aspects:
    • Technical qualities of composition
    • Originality / Projection / Recognisability
    • Composition quality / Richness / Value
    • Diffusion / Sillage (trace)
    • Persistence


  • Silver Mouillette Jury Prize:Silver of silver ":

Jury President: master perfumer Rossend Mateu. The rest of the jury will comprise perfumers, sommeliers and other distinguished professionals from the world of art and smell testing. Maitre d ' perfumista; Within the jury there will be perfumers, sommeliers and other outstanding professionals from the world of art and smell.

The perfumes will be smell tested and assessed by the jury on May 2th at Ca l’Antiga Culture Hub.

The jury’s decision will be final.

  • Audience Prize:

All inhabitants of Teià and all those attending the Pairing of the Senses event may vote for this prize.

The voting period will commence in the afternoon on Tuesday, April 30th and saturday may 4th until 14pm

Voting places (with copies of each perfume): the competition’s official venue, Ca l’Antiga Culture Hub, and La Unió Municipal Cultural Centre (Teià).

  • All competition participants will receive a diploma.
  • Both winners will receive a Silver Mouillette reproduction especially created for the occasion by Majoral jewellers, sponsored by Beauty Cluster in Barcelona. Silver created exclusively for the occasion by the jeweler Majoral, sponsored by the Beauty Cluster of Barcelona.


  • Both prizes will be awarded during a public ceremony at Ca l’Antiga Culture Hub on Saturday, May 4th of 2019 and all competition participants are invited to this.
  • Confirmation of attending the award ceremony will be required one week before the event date.
  • The organisation reserves the right to make a limited production of the winning perfume to be distributed among the country’s signature perfumeries. In order to be able to do this, the winners must provide the organisation with one kilogram of concentrate of their perfume or facilitate the formula (without this implying an appropriation) to one of the houses of essences that are sponsoring the competition so that it can provide the kilo of perfume concentrate.

If you have any questions or doubts, you can write to the official email address of the competition: and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Good luck!