"Silver Mouillette


  • Competition aimed at professional perfumers from any country wanting to promote their creative skills.
  • The competition will be held annually as part of the event in Teià entitled “Maridatge dels Sentits” (Pairing of the Senses).
  • Any perfumery creator may present their perfumes for competition, and may compete with more than one composition, provided these perfumes include the essence or olfactory note selected for that edition and meet the requirements specified in the "Submission of samples ".
  • The olfactory note will be different every year and will coincide with the flower, plant or olfactory note that will become the thread of the Maridatge dels Sentits.
  • The Jury will be chaired by Rosendo Mateu and made up of a group of experts in the world of perfume, design, gastronomy and the winners of the 2019 edition: Víctor Aldea, Agustí Vidal, Irene Gisbert, Ernesto Ventós, César Cánovas , Charo Moreno, Susanna Cots, Daniel Pescio and Sandra Iruela.
  • There will be two "Mouillette d'argent" prizes: the Jury Prize and the Audience Award.
  • The jury will choose one of the two winners and will select the 12 perfumes finalists that will compete to become one of them, the winner by voting of the general public.


  • For this 3 edition, the participating perfumers will have to present a perfume that contains the note of the pepper, which along with the rest of the species will be one of the protagonists in the IV Maridatge dels Sentits.
  • The enrollment period will be 23 from September of 2019 to 29 from February of 2020.
  • To register, fill out a form with all the requested information. To access the form, click here: https://forms.gle/qT8W3jjnMzfHehSJ8 . For any doubt about the registration process, you can send an email to: concurs@maridatgedelssentits.cat


  • Samples must be submitted between March 1 and 31, without exception. Samples that do not meet the deadlines and arrive later than the deadline, will be automatically excluded from the competition.
  • 500 ml of the composition must be sent, which will be used to:

- Samples for each member of the jury.

- Samples at each voting point enabled (2/3)

- Exhibition of the 2 winning perfumes in prominent perfumeries in Catalonia.

  • Each contestant is free to choose the best way to split their composition taking into account the city from which the delivery of the perfume is made.
  • Identification of each sample:
    • "III Contest Internacional de Perfumeria de Teià"
    • Name of the composition.
    • Name (alias) of competition participant
    • In the event that the perfumeist decides to participate with more than one perfume, he must use an alias and a name for the different compositions.
  • Deadline for sending samples: March 31, 2020.
  • Address for sending samples:
    • Recipient: Ainea Perfumes.
    • Address: Torrent de les Monges 30, 08329 Teià, Barcelona
    • Telephone: <span class="notranslate">+34 935402464</span>
    • Comments: Teià International Perfumery Competition
  • You do not need to send any type of explanation, ingredient description or composition price.
  • The jury will assess the following aspects:
    • Technical qualities of composition
    • Originality / Projection / Recognisability
    • Composition quality / Richness / Value
    • Diffusion / Sillage (trace)
    • Persistence


  • Assessment by the jury:
    • From June 1 to 15, the jury will receive the compositions and evaluate all the olfactory proposals.
    • They will choose a winner and select 12 perfumes finalists that will pass to the next phase of voting open to the public.
    • All contestants will be notified if they have been selected or not to go to the next voting phase of the public.
  • Vote of the public:
  • The general public will have the opportunity to smell the 12 finalist proposals
  • The public vote will take place from June 25 to July 3, 2020.
  • The voting points will be:
    • Voting places in Teià: Espai d'Art ca l'Antiga, official space of the Contest, and the Municipal House of Culture La Unió.
    • Voting places in Barcelona: Les Topettes (Joaquim Costa Street, 33) and Isidro Cosmetic Shop (Marià Aguiló Street, 83).
  • During the IV Maridatge dels Sentits the 12 finalist compositions can be voted on.


  • Silver Mouillette Jury Prize:Silver of silver ":
  • From 1 to 15 June, the jury will receive the compositions and evaluate the olfactory proposals.
  • The jury will choose a winner and the finalists 12 perfumes will be selected that will be passed to the next phase of voting open to the public.
  • The decision of the Jury will be announced on July 4, 2020 and will be final.
  • The winner will be invited to be part of the jury of the IV International Contest of Perfumery of Teià "Mouillette d'Argent" 2021.
  • Audience Prize:
  • It will be by open vote to the general public and to all those attending the IV Pairing of the Senses.
  • The voting period will be from June 25 to July 3.
  • To different skill points (see "Voting for the public"), the public will find copies of each competing perfume to vote (Teià and Barcelona).
  • All contestants will receive a diploma. For those who can not attend the awards ceremony, they will be given the digitized diploma.
  • The two winners will receive one silver reproduction Moullette created especially for the occasion by the jeweler Majoral and sponsored by the BeautyCluster of Barcelona.


  • The two prizes will be awarded on Saturday 4 July 2020 at the Espai d'Art Ca l'Antiga (Teià) in a public event in the afternoon, where all contestants are invited.
  • Confirmation of attending the award ceremony will be required one week before the event date.
  • The organization reserves the right to reproduce a limited number of copies of the winning perfume, which would be distributed among the perfumes of author of the country.

For any questions you can write to us in the official email of the contest concurs@maridatgedelssentits.cat and as soon as we can we will answer all your questions.

Good luck!