Rosendo Mateu, president of the jury, Maître perfumista and founder of the brand of perfumery PRFM; Ernesto Collado, actor, perfumer and founder of the “Bravanariz” brand; Susanna Cots, designer of invisible architecture, founder of the architecture studio Susanna Cots and the space The Eleven House; César Canovas, one of the best sommelier in the world, head of the Monvinic and Fastvinic sommelier team; Julia Rodriguez, perfumer and winner of the jury award of the 2020 edition of the Mouillette d'Argent; Sandra Lucas, perfumer and winner of the public award of the 2020 edition of the Mouillette d'Argent International Perfumery Competition; Dolphin of Swardt, director and partner of the consulting firm “Le Bureau Olfactive” and member of the NEZ magazine team; Charo Moreno, journalist, director of the magazine "BEAUTYPROF"; Carles solsona, journalist and director of the magazine "Ventas de Perfumería"; Oriol Artigas, viticulturist and founder of the Celler Oriol Artigas; Pedro Dias, lawyer and founder of the Portuguese perfume brand “Comporta”; Irene Gisbert, anthropologist and perfumer, creator of Ainea Perfums.


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